Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brainiacs: My 25 Favourite Bloggers

Grateful ako kay SuperJaid for giving me my first award. Ahaha. Speechless pa rin. Wala ako masabi. It is truly an honour to be bestowed upon by an adjective such as 'stylish'. Superjaid together with another friend, Theo, just to remind you were the first bloggers I ever get to meet offline. The memories of them are still so fresh I think I might vote for that second meet-up on SuperJaid's super birthday bash this coming February :) Hmmm. We'll see... Again, a thousand thanks to SuperJaid for that uber award :)

So here are the seven things you ought to know about me:

  • I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic. I go from heaven above down here on earth whenever I take a bite in that luscious sugary treat of nature. From little truffles to chockfull bars of Toblerone and from rocky road-flavoured brownies to black forest cakes in Red Ribbon – I give no preference to a specific type because I treat all as manna of mouth-watering goodness.
  • Long before my spotlight singing church hymns as tenor in a parish choir, my first exposure in the field of melody that ultimately honed my musical interests, was in grade school playing various plectrum-plucked chordophones in a Rondalla. I play the banduria (Philipine mandolin), octavina (guitar-shaped lute) and laud (Spanish for lute) with a bit of basics in guitar and bajo de arko (contrabass). I haven’t been playing since 6th grade but there are some pieces – medleys, serenades, and marches – that my fingers know by heart.
  • I have a faux obsessive-compulsive disorder on keeping things neat and clutter-free.
  • I am frequently told to shut up by my friends when I start to freak them out with terms I’ve unearthed from our good old reverse dictionary. And because of that, I piss them intentionally with my quasi-verbosity even if what goes out of my mouth does not make sense anymore.
  • I’ve pondered once on being a priest due to my deep interests in theological studies and apologetics. Questions of religion and matters about my faith prompted this contemplation.
  • Cloud-watching, afternoon walks and bookstores pacify me.
  • I drool over vintage photographs and design and architectural magazines.

Paying it forward, the award goes to... well, I was supposed to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to 15 souls of my choice. But apparently, I am having a very hard time deciding so I'm going to break the chain (and the rules!) and instead give away these goodies to my 25 favourite bloggers whom with their interesting posts provided nourishment to my brain cells :) If your name's included in the list below (ampf. sana wala akong nakalimutan), please feel free to grab one! There are no rules. This is just my simple way of giving the love back and saying that your blog has been one of my favourites!

RJ of Boy Acads
Sir Nielz of Mad World
Will of me likes art
ʎonqʎʇıɔ of city buoy

T.R. Aurelius of Theo's Casanova
Claudiopoi of me thinks.
Doc Ced of My-So-Called-Quest
Bino of Damuhan
Keatondrunk of KeatoNDrunK

KikoMaxxx of Kaepalan ni Batman

Superjaid of SuperJaid
Sir Mots of teacher's pwet
Anthony Carlo of Supladong Office Boy


  1. wow!surprising naman to... thanks... talga lang ah i did contribute to your active brain cells hehehe

    thanks bro... im honored and grateful...

  2. wahahah naman nandito ako.LOL sa brain pala yung sakin kala ko sa puso.wahahaha joke

    salamat nowitzki. :)

  3. bakt wala ako? hehehe.. joke.

    congrats sa lhat!!! =)

  4. awww..thank you so much..second meetup?sure!kailan?hihihi

  5. ang dami nating pagkakatulad..pareho tayong chocoholic..tapos tumutugtog rin ako ng baduria at octavina hehe =)

  6. wowowow! super thanks nowitzki!

    may sweet tooth ka rin pala! at muntik ka pang naging pari. mag chinese collar ka nga para makita kung bagay sa yo.

    thanks again!

  7. ai wow. nakakataba naman ng puso ito, nowitzki! haha :)) thanks much my friend! hope to read more of your entries as well! :)

  8. ooh! i'm here! thanks nowitzki! and if you ever want to meet more bloggers, just holla! :)

  9. nice! thanks at nakasama naman pala ako dito :D

  10. @uno: syempre naman. ahehe. apir!

    @Kyle: if you give it much thought our emotions are in fact governed by parts of our brain :)

  11. @Will: you're welcome :) ahi~

    @Leah: wahay :) churi po. you're in my following na but I've yet back read more from your blog :) ahehe.

    @Superjaid: game! sa second meet-up, magtayo tayu ng Rondalla! ahahah! chos lang :)

    @Sean: that's right. muntik na akong maging pari. paring mahilig sa chocolate :) bwahahaha!

    @claudiopoi: apir! the same with you. hehe :)

    @citybuoy: syempre naman. idol yata kita sa ka-literari-han at ka-nosebleed-an. hope to meet you soon too :) hehe~

    @Bino: shempre! kaw pah! XD ahaha.

  12. yun oh.,. salamats ng marami sa awadrs na ito its mt second awards... heheh thanks ulit :D

  13. wow, many many thanks parekoy... salamat talaga... :))

  14. @chong weee natouch ako.. hahaha duto ko nung brainfood.. hahaha... salamat dito.. wahehehe

  15. wow naman thanks thanks bro! naligaw ako jan. napressure nman ako sa award hehe

  16. @Axl, Istambay, Kikz: walang anuman :) apir mga parekoy!

    @Keatondrunk: hinde ka naligaw. ahehe. and no pressure... ahaha.

  17. awwwww.. ngayon lang napadpad ulit dito ang suplado.

    at salamat sa award...

    speechless me! (arte?!) hahaha..

  18. huwaw :) sir carlo is that really you? ahaha. i am pleased to see you here :) hehe.

  19. wow kasama ako sa list thanks ha! im touched :)

    i also read your blog at isa ka din sa favorites ko. pasensia na kung di ako nakakapagcomment kung misan kasi may times na wala ako maicomment eh.

    and congrats sa award :)

  20. wow we have something in common din
    like ako chocoholic din buti naman at di alcoholic hehehehe
    gusto ko rin magpari noong araw pero di natuloy

  21. @Milch: salamat tsong :) ahaha. sabay tayong pumasok sa seminaryo. that is, kung open ka pa for that possibility. we may never know, baka doon na pala tayo tinatawag :)

  22. @Milch uleht: ahaha. mga seminaristang mahilig sa chocolate! XD

  23. salamaaat!:) first award

  24. @RJ: ahaha. sure :) kaw pah! apir tsong!


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