Friday, April 29, 2011

Update 04.29.11

Concerns littering my cranium cavity:
  • Submission of Architecture Internship 2 Report: Daily and Weekly Log of Diversified Training Experience, Architecture Internship 2 Sketchpad, and Internship certificate of acceptance tomorrow;
  • MMDA Flood Control Bayanihan Zone Consultation Forum 2pm-5pm @ UERM College of Medicine, Aurora Boulevard (which I won't be able to attend);
  • Community Summer Excursion tomorrow @ Nasugbu, Batangas (which sadly, I'm about to turn down *sigh*);
  • PULP Summer Slam tomorrow @ Amoranto Sports Complex, Roces Avenue whom my officemates are dying to attend to (well, they want me to get them an exclusive backstage pass, as if I had any legitimacy to do so);
  • and the Fellowship Dinner invitation from Team Ubaldo @ Max's Restaurant, Roces Avenue later @ 6pm - oh yes~ another political gathering.

'Do not be awed by the greatness of your tasks; do not be cowed by the discomforts you have to bear while carrying them out; do not fear the obstacles that will come your way.'


What do your active brain cells perceive?