Friday, April 29, 2011

Internship 2: Week 4 Daily Logs

{Day 14 - 04.25.11}
I did the inspection rounds today on my own choosing to stray away from the group of interns we’ve become. Detaching oneself, even just for now, even just for a while, from very uninspiring personalities is a breath of fresh air. I realized that dealing with different characters in the place of work surely is all a part and parcel of the profession. Patience and temperance are both virtues and abilities one must learn to forge on a daily basis.

{Day 15 - 04.26.11}
Today’s yet another slow day at the office. My mentor did not assigned any particular inspection requests and I doubt there has been any progress in the installation of macro wall panels so I did not went on my regular rounds. It’s a good thing I am free to use the computers in the office. It is during these days that I can productively use my spare time in meditating or looking for any good resource or material I can employ for my thesis. Suddenly it came to me all at once. My final year truly is the zenith and culmination of everything that I have learned through college. I am so going to make most out of this internship experience.

{Day 16 - 04.27.11}
I did my inspection rounds today with my mentor which I very much quite enjoyed. I am given again another lesson on the strict implementation of sensible authority in the construction site for the worker’s and the contractor’s compliance. I noticed how abrupt his look and facial expression changes as soon as we come face-to-face with a worker/foreman concerned. I do understand his stance that such must be done to imply order, discipline and respect in order to get the job done correctly.

{Day 17 - 04.28.11}
I am delighted that I have accomplished so much today. One of the engineers even gave us a practical crash course lesson on project scheduling. It is a good thing I still quite remember some of our lesson on Project Management and PERT-CPM in Professional Practice. What makes this lesson so different is its practicality and application in real life which I can now transparently see.

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