Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Calling

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Since my Easter Triduum witnessing of a renewed perspective of our Eucharistic celebration and the fullness of parish community involvement, I have been thinking lately, sometimes even welled up in tears, on reconsidering entering a religious or priestly vocation. I know it wasn't just an idea that popped spontaneously at the back of my mind. I won't be impulsive in making any decision for now. But this may just be an opportunity to respond to a special desire He has given me way back. 

May God bless my discerning heart. I pray that He bless my discerning heart.


  1. *brohug*
    God Bless you Sir Carlo :)

  2. sure ka na dito?

  3. @Kyle: discerning pre :) I've had the idea a LOOOOONG time ago. ngayun ku lang uli sya napapag-isip-isipan :)

  4. hmmm listen to your heart bro..


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