Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Creative Juice: The Citadel

Status: On process of looking for a usable working topic for my upcoming thesis :) Here's one  favorite I've seen so far with regards to disaster resilience. Soon I'll be posting more of topics that inspire and ignite my creative neurons within. *hee-hee*

Not content to simply talk about the dangers of rising sea levels (like much of the rest of the world), the Dutch have begun taking matters into their own hands with architecture that can withstand dramatic changes in the canals that are such an integral part of the Netherlands. As part of a new development called “New Water”, Koen Oltuls of Waterstudio designed ‘The Citadel’, Europe’s first floating apartment complex. 60 luxury apartments, a car park, a floating road and boat docks will work with the changing water levels rather than against them.


  1. The disadvantage of these sort of design approaches is the requisite technology that comes with it, a paradigm that is usually unsustainable to begin with.

    Why not consider something more attuned to our vernacular? Say disaster relief housing with a sustainable slant? Or high-return, fast-construction modular design using local materials?

    One of things I wished I did study during my undergrad was the spatial programming of informal settlements. Their format is one of the most sustainable and easily adaptable, how they can create make-shift housing on such an astounding pace using materials readily available and easily replaceable. But I argued that the breadth and scope of such a study dwells more in the realm of a graduate dissertation.

    Good luck!

  2. oo nga tamang-tama yung name. ang laking area nito sir ah. 3ds max?


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