Sunday, May 15, 2011

Update 05.15.11

Undergrad interns from JACMI and MCC - Grass Residences Project :)
with my beloved mentor Engr. J and internmates!

Tomorrow's the official conclusion of my super summer internship experience. I realized that our required 200 hours of diversified site works seemed both so short (there's so much more to learn!) and long (agh! thesis) for this summer. I feel both nostalgic and relieved already.

Blog activity for the next days: Posting of unpublished writings I have accumulated throughout the summer. I'll be doing a walk down the memory lane both for this cyber niche and my architectural internship presentation on May 21 :) Good luck on me!


  1. yun oh... i know u can do it... goodluck.. i will pray on u :D

  2. yakang yaka yan! good luck :)

  3. parang ang bilis nga lang.

  4. @Sean: ay sir, sinabeh mu pah. mabilis rin lang pala ang anim na weeks. ampf.


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