Sunday, May 15, 2011


The above image makes me wanna sing :) Borrowed here

My brother and I have been asked by a member of this cool choir group to join them in their practice every Tuesday nights at Sacred Heart Parish to be attended by a choir master from the UP Conservatory of Music. I am reluctant because we're already tied up in three morning services (that's a whole lot of commitment) during Sundays so I am just quite wandering if we could ever handle another service during Saturday afternoons. On the other hand,  I am ecstatic AND nervous because of my anticipation of a strict discipline I have never undergone before - which, I am so ironically craving for. Ooooh, what to do?


  1. when in doubt, SING! char lang. hehe :) ang ganda ng arkitektura ng nasa picture sir. parang abot na siya ng langit. :)

  2. Try mo lang. Who knows? :)

  3. @Claude: uu nga :) mapapakanta ka talaga. ahehe.


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