Friday, June 17, 2011

20th Birthday

Image by Teng Borabon

A friend whom I share the same day of birth chatting in Facebook:

Zai: Happy Birthday! 
Nowitzki: same to you! LOL. Thanks~ 
Zai: hehe... dami mo handa noh? 
Nowitzki: wala nga eh. morbid ako pag birthday ko. depressed. busy. emo. 
Zai: why naman? depressed from where? from whom? 
Nowitzki: ahaha. hinde ako mahilig mag-celebrate. taon-taon yan. 
Nowitzki: I prefer to treat it as an ordinary day. 
Nowitzki: It's a statement of one's yearning for a bigger purpose... 
Nowitzki: ...something I have yet to find. 
Zai: aahhh~ 
Nowitzki: pasensya na. pa-deep lang talaga minsan.


  1. yun oh.. bday pala oh...
    Hapie bday men!!

    more blessing and more success in your life :D

  2. Uy, Happy birthday! Wag masyadong emo ha. :D


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