Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update 06.19.11

  • Everyone voted me to be the president of our thesis consultation class. The officers and our thesis adviser are really looking forward to a semester driven by intellectual honesty, camaraderie and concord, fostering good value and genuine fellowship towards a zero-casualty thesis advising class of the school year. 
  • I have not yet prepared any back-up proposals in case the first three ones get screwed up. I felt like having multiple heart attacks last Saturday during our consultation class. Everything is all too nerve-wracking. 
  • I’ll be posting soon a link of our barangay’s website. We just had our pictorial last Friday (which was my birthday!). We had our session garbed up in barong tagalogs giving me the impression of being in the Senate or Congress. LOL. I could get used to that set up. 
  • Missed our choir’s summer (read: stormy!) excursion at San Mateo but had a blast singing at today’s morning services at our parish. I missed singing so much.
  • Talked to one of my father figures regarding what happened then at Laguna. It was liberating to be able to speak and let out the melting pot of emotions I felt then. Just a visit to the absolution booth and I guess I am now free to move on.


  1. parang di ko nabalitaan na nagbirthday ka?

    hmmmm anyway, belated happy birthday Architect! :D

  2. belated happy birthday rin bro! musta ba ang celebration kung meron hehe


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