Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Music and Architecture: Dos Bravissimos Concert

I had a blast last night at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with my brothers and sisters of Awit Papuri. Ate L (a Voice Major at UST) invited us in this wonderful rare joint concert by the world's most awarded choir from the University of Ljubljana, Akademski Pevski Zbor (APZ) Tone Tomšic of Slovenia and our very own Choir of the World winner, University of Santo Tomas (UST) Singers.

I was ecstatic because I had a lot of 'firsts' in that event. It was my first time watching a choir concert. Second, it was also my first time in CCP (I was literally and 'addictively' breathing and sniffing Leandro Locsin's concrete edifice paying close attention to the monumentality, intricacy, and 'sense of place' of the place). And last, who-are-you-freakin'-kidding-that-was-the-best-performance-ever! I tell you, there is a lot of reason to be jumpy because the theater I've been to last night was able to fuse two of my best love ever - quality choir music and quality architecture.

Refreshingly soul-stirring, I honestly had a deeper and more profound appreciation of the beautiful voices God gave us, and the ideas he continuously inspires upon the top stewards of built environment, our Architects. Swear I will never take these things again for granted. (Might as well check out this article and this article for more information about Dos Bravissimos).

Akademski Pevski Zbor (APZ) Tone Tomšič from the University of Ljubjana in Slovenia
University of Santo Tomas Singers


  1. nice concert no? I was also there last night. :) Sayang di tayo nagkita.hehe

  2. @RJ: oo nga. sayang hinde tayu nagkita. eheheh. san banda ka nakaupo?

  3. balcony 2 lang. :) ksama ko mga ka choir ko eh..kaw san ka?

  4. wahay. nasa top balcony naman kami. kasama ku rin yung mga ka-choir ku. hehe :)


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