Thursday, July 21, 2011

ArchInspire #021: Case Studies

Graphic Layout and Design have always been my favorite part in writing up and preparing data presentation and analysis. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until my thesis adviser asked me to present my case studies as part of a chapter in an interesting and comprehensive manner. Something tells me it’s not the usual ‘text-and-picture-with-caption’ layout he’s pointing out (as seen ubiquitously in any average textbook), so I made these:

National Association of Realtors Building
Foreign Case Study No. 1
Heifer International Headquarters
Foreign Case Study No. 2
St. Alphonsus Mary di Liguori Parish
Local Case Study No. 2

No photoshop application magic here, it's just your plain old reliable blank page from the Microsoft Office Publisher 2007. Primitive right? :) Some photos and texts were borrowed from 'Emerald Architecture' (A Green Source: McGraw-Hill Construction Publication). But the creative layout and analysis is all mine :)


  1. Astig.unang tingin pa lang wow kaagada ang masasabi sa presentation na ganito.

  2. i like it... ganda... parang modern na modern ang dating...

  3. @Sir Diamante: huwaw! salamat po sir :) hehe. I needed that affirmation. ching!

  4. Maganda ang layout. :)

    Btw, I am your new follower, hope you will visit my page and follow too :)

  5. wow ang nice naman neto...

    apply ka na samin.LOL

    good job!!!

  6. @jewel: salamat jewel :) ganda rin ng blogsite mu. girl na girl. heheh. mamats!

  7. @Kuya Kyle: Kuya Kyle!!! namimiss ko na ang mga emong post mo. where have you been? weee!!! pagka-graduate ko kuya kyle, iko-consider ko talaga offer mu! pramis!


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