Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update 07.19.11

  • Ma’m R might be glad to hear that I may have been doing unprecedented late-night YPE sessions on my own. I met a potential candidate last night. And I am proud that I am getting good at rejecting indecent proposals. I swear I won’t put myself again at such a given situation. *phew*
  • Speaking of proposals, I had just e-mailed yesterday the concerned office about my ongoing project-oriented thesis study. My fingers are crossed at coming up with results by the end of this week. I am so hoping to get on now with the next chapter which is about the site selection process and the presentation of data and analysis. If I could just get the zeal to finish off with those ‘comprehensive’ case studies. Ugh. My brain cells are not entirely tired. It’s my inner issues I am so concerned about.
  • I am literally dragging myself to proceed with the thesis writing. I must keep my head on the game and look straight on the prize waiting at the end of the finish line. I swear I’ll put off those Gossip Girl Season 3 episodes now.
  • What joy! I had just received a reply from an ordained SVD priest I messaged yesterday. He also happens to be a blogger which helped in establishing a connection. We have seven or eight common blogger contacts on Facebook. I feel jumpy and all :)

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