Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creative Juice #29: Acoustical Tonsil Productions, Inc.

Primarily conceived for the visual consummation of the respective celebrity-wannabes featured, here are the latest products of my brain juice: three new albums from a fictionated musical records group, Acoustical Tonsil Productions, Inc., featuring rising stars in the world of Pinoy Pop and OPM – Banine, Papi Bee, and Robiewill. 

A brush from my rusting layout skills and a sprinkle of wit and wordplay from the daily antics of my closest friends in the university gave birth to these promotional posters slash CD cover designs of three hot-new record launching labels. So much for designing for a chief cause of advertisement, I could have sworn most of the titles in the albums are sure-fire parental red flags making no mama in this country a teensy-bit proud. Haha. (The finished images below are all just a product of the author's imagination. The use of any existing legal labels/components/logos in the said works were not intended for promotional purposes).

Banine: Pinay Prosimian Princess
Dinuguang Bopis: A Musical Anthology of Papi B
Robiewill: The Melody of Neneng Serbesa


What do your active brain cells perceive?