Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Musings. Dreams. Insomnia.

  • Just when you thought you quite already knew someone, you’ll be almost surprised to find out an always another side of him/her. Yesterday, I am pleased to have taken a look at another side of a friend –  a side that is hurt, damaged, and deeply personal that was almost intently kept hidden. For once I admire his courage in trusting to be vulnerable in front of me; for sharing something so fragile and intricate yet something so beautiful all at the same time. It was during these times that you really push the boundaries of your understanding. 
  • I think I had 6-8 cycles of REM sleeps last night. Almost all of them ending up in the middle of a different dream with me trying to jump and catch my breath the second I wake up. Either I slept way too early in defiance to my body clock or I have insomnia. *sighs*
  • It’s always refreshing to wake up at around 5am just in time to witness dawn and the slow turning of the atmosphere both in light and warmth. Always the perfect time to meditate and pray to God of all the things we hoped for and of all the blessings we want to give thanks.


  1. i had sleep difficulty last year thinking that i have insomnia. i went to a doctor and told me that there is a probability that i am developing insomnia.

    the good thing was, doctor didnt prescribe sleeping pills for me. instead, he adviced me to take ANTIHISTAMINE. this medicine triggers brain to feel asleep.


    dont ever try to take sleeping pills.

  2. @Ka-swak: thanks sa suggestions bro :) ahehe~ baka marami lang siguro akong iniisip. haay. but i'll keep that in mind. Antihistamine works!


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