Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Architect B

Architect B 
Architectural Design 9 Thesis Adviser 

A Blessed Day! 

I, Nowitzki Tramonto, a 5th year BS Architecture student of the University X of the Philippines - College of Architecture and Fine Arts taking up Architectural Design 9 courageously and humbly declare to step down from my current thesis endeavor regarding a bioclimatic edifice initially entitled, ‘BIO-BERDEX: A Tropical Bionic Headquarters Complex for the Philippine Green Building Council. 

It has been my practice during the course of thesis writing to stop for a moment and assess my current standing. As the thesis proponent, there are certain aspects of the study that has come to my attention during the course of investigation. The following proved to be indications of the project’s apparent unfeasibility which fundamentally arouse from a proponent-oriented proposal: 
  • As promising as it may with the organization’s vision and mission for the real estate industry of the country, PHILGBC having been only established in the early 2006 is practically in its infancy.
  • Recognition of a sustainably-rated structure by the recently established BERDE building rating system is of the moment not possible. PHILGBC’s implementation programs are still in its pilot stage.
  • Identification of the users and its analysis was also a constraint. The number of officials and workers in its current office does not hold up for a potential thesis study. Mere reliance to the company’s projected organizational growth (which is unavailable) would only make the study a prediction and not as timely as it should be. 
  • And lastly, there have been NO previous initiative, board resolution, or call for open proposals regarding the planned endeavor making the justification of the study blurry and the current status of the study as a viable candidate for a thesis proposal questionable.

Thesis writing has been a truly wonderful experience for me as an undergraduate student of BS Architecture. While it has been a great pleasure in the last couple of months to work on the proposal, I believe that the time has finally come for me to acknowledge the aforementioned road blocks that have been my concern since the beginning. I am looking forward for a better endeavor next year. 

You have been a very gracious adviser, Sir. Thank you very much for your generosity and support in this academic venture.

Respectfully yours, 
Nowitzki Tramonto
5th year BS Architecture Student 
University X of the Philippines


  1. This begs the following questions:

    (1) Is it possible to revise the scope and parameters of your study, instead of deserting it altogether? Say, for example, the use and context (excluding the PhilGBC as the end-user and using a widely established rating system such as LEED)?

    (2) Can you study, rather, the applicability of the BERDE building rating system to a more generic project, say residential design, with the objective of establishing the workability and applicability of this system in the context of local architecture and sensibility? Thus, becoming a testing ground and pilot example of the usability of BERDE.

    (3) Does Architect B stand for Architect Bulaong?

  2. @Kuya Red: salamat po sa inyong malaman at mainit na komento :) *sigh*

    (1) revising the scope and parameters of the study would be a major overhaul. the time frame alloted to work on specific chapters are already due kaya it would be unrealistic of me to try to change all that.

    (2) the thesis program in our University is more of a project-oriented type. that is why my primary end users and even the development itself are rather specific. I appreciate and all the suggestions you mentioned there in item 2, pero tama po ba (???) I think what you mentioned there is more inclined for a program-oriented type of thesis.

    (3) Hindi po. hehe, magkaiba po ata tayu ng university. sa up po ba kayu? We have one professor that graduated there, Miss Architect T :)

  3. *sigh* I can't believe this is all happening to me. my outputs are even doing really great. I could have sworn I am happy five days ago when I made the decision. I guess its only starting to sink in..

    truth is I haven't even told Architect B yet. I am still summing up all my courage to give him that letter.. *more sighs*

  4. Project-oriented pa rin siya. Because your output is still a design. No more, no less. It is only within the context of the applied system, but since it is design it is still project-oriented and product-oriented. I'm assuming UST. Most of the theses there are project-oriented.

  5. @Kuya Red: aahhh. ok. i see, i see :) hehe. yah, design pa rin ang output. thanks po talaga kuya red. apir :)

  6. Mr. Tramonto, despite the deeply saddening :(( contents of your post, your graceful composition never failed to amaze me at the same time. First, let me commend once again your talent in writing. Hehe

    Huh!!! Noah! Noo! This news upsets me. Is this true??? I hope not and I hope you'd find a way para matuloy mo pa. Otherwise, I hope the panel will try to reassess your case and prevent you from quitting. They might, considering your class standings! :D


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