Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silent Wanderer

I am still finding ways to amuse myself. I have lots of free time. Productivity is clearly stamped in my mind. And yet I still find myself stuck, bewildered, and completely engrossed on the things I still find to amuse myself. I’m running around in circles. *sigh* Wandering silently. Floating freely. Still why do I feel like an entity that is imprisoned by my liberty. So here's my pathetic attempt to jot down the things I could do to kill boredom.
  • Continue in reading list. 
  • Revise old entries in my blog. 
  • Visit Catholic blogs in my blogroll. 
  • Buy a new book about Philippine Architecture I just saw earlier. 
  • Buy installer of Adobe Illustrator CS5 (one that really works!). 
  • Get copy of V-ray plug-in and practice rendering. 
  • Buy mouse so I can brush up on my SketchUp. 
  • Play around with Adobe Photoshop. 
  • And lastly, find more ways to amuse myself... 


What do your active brain cells perceive?