Friday, October 14, 2011

No Other Woman: A Fatherly Advice

My mom and I made it to the cinema just in time for the show start of “No Other Woman,” starring Derek Ramsey, Anne Curtis and Christine Reyes. With a marking of R-13 from the MTRCB (despite its adulterous theme), the movie enfolds a story between a very suspecting wife, a lax and denying husband, and a casual and captivated temptress in their scenes of suspicion, retorts and lies. I usually don’t watch local films (because sometimes I think they are just plain superficial and corny) but my mom insisted so I finally gave in. Pass the heated graphic scenes (I have no idea the Filipinos can have those in movies!) and the dramatic background of the atmosphere; what I find most entertaining was the character played by Carmi Martin (Christine Reyes' mom) with her unequivocally hilarious motherly wisdom. 

Promotional poster of 'No Other Woman'
The writers did a great job with the catchy lines and quotable quotes of the movie; almost automatically making a laughing uproar among the viewers and netizens adding only to the movie's popularity. But ever trying to be cognizant of the words of the actors, the best for me probably came from the Mr. Zalderiaga - played by Tirso Cruz III (father of Kara - Anne Curtis' role) in a scene where he was enraged over the male protagonist at the plot’s resolution. It was a piece of unprecedented advice that almost also knocked me off: 

“Maybe if you’d stop hating your father so much, 
you’d start being a good man.” 

I promised Tirso Cruz III, I am in the process of doing just that.


  1. TRUE TRUE TRUE, wala na kong masabe kundi true true true hahaha

    yun nga lang, hindi ko hilig ang local love movies :D hehe

  2. When he said that, may kirot din sa puso ko. lol Perhaps in our effort to run to the opposite direction of our fathers, we end up just like them?

  3. @citybuoy: *sighs* psychology 101 = we do tend to become the exact same adjectives that we project to our father. hehe~ kaya dapat talaga natin silang matutunang mahalin para maging isang tunay na lalaki :)

    oooh. lessons learned :)

  4. ive seen it at ok yung movie, sabi sa news nasa top spot na raw ito based on gross income


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