Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dark Night of the Soul

And God does not hesitate to ask for a more radical self-surrender from those who love him. By an apparent anomaly, he takes the sense of his presence away from them. Their prayers stop in their lips under the blow of a sudden thought: 'Is anyone listening to me?' They have to question themselves on the truths of the faith: 'Is it true?' They fulfill their daily tasks without joy, the impression that their life is useless. This is the supreme purification, the hour when one must believe in shadows, hope against hope, and love in a void. It is the hour of the great dereliction that Jesus knew on the Cross, but also the hour of our salvation.
All the saints have gone through this dark night of the soul. With less violence and a shorter duration, all the Christian faithful pass through eclipses of faith.The believer advances in the shadows with the certitude that even if he should see nothing more, God is always watching him.
x George Chevrot, The Eight Beatitudes, Ch.xxii, p.168-9
I dedicate this post for a a particular blogger. Just some food for thought. Instantly remembered your latest post while reading this paragraphs. I hope this might uplift you in some ways. I've been reading a lot of your posts tagged in 'faith.' Hehe. Bro, never doubt his presence :) Kaya natin to!


  1. truly, God is good--all the time

  2. been through it a couple of times - the spiritual desert. glad i come out alive, everytime! :)praise God!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm in tears while reading it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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