Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vocation to Suffer

But the true drama for the Christian who takes the Gospel seriously is that he cannot live in a just world, because he exists in a social state which is in contradiction with his ideals of brotherhood and holiness. As a member of that society, he cannot stop the sin, which he abhors, from being committed. He must live and suffer in this continual tension.
It is in this terrible contradiction that we Christians, like the Lamb of God, bear 'the sins of the world,' and by this laceration of our consciences and our hearts we continue the sufferings of the Saviour, who was crucified for the redemption of men. It is our vocation to suffer this torture, to endure the solitude of the Cross in the midst of the multitude, to be shrouded in the shadows of Golgotha and to have only the bitterness of our failures to quench our thirst for justice.
 X George Chevrot, The Eight Beatitudes, Ch.xix. p.144-5


  1. Been reading the two paragraphs several times already. It really does make me think that it is only through God that we can only overcome temptations to sin, and through Christ whom we get to be saved. Sure enough, we can't do it alone.

  2. @Leo: Sure enough, we can't do it alone :) tama. hehe~


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