Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makes Sense

Fr. Ferdinand T. Hernando, MB:
Among the finite creatures in the world, only the human being is endowed with body and soul--a body that makes us humble for all its limits and limitations, a soul that makes us hope for transcendence and salvation. Any thought that reduces the human to the level of the physical and biological, without any regard for the transcendence of the human spirit, will logically end up in despair and frustration, as the finite can never satisfy the infinite longings of the soul. Conversely, any reduction to spiritualism without any awareness of human solidarity and interrelatedness is devoid of any social relevance and will end up in hollow spirituality, aloof and uninvolved. 


  1. masyadong pilosopical at napaisip ako ng todo. however, you have a point. a human being is not only a physical and or a biological being. thanks for reminding me.

  2. @Ester: aww :) thanks! apir tayu!

    @Jaid: oo, iniintindi yan kumare :)


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