Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Courage: Liberated Love

Here's a late post on a different kind of love just in time for yesterday's celebration of love :)

Liberated Love | Jim Graves | Catholic World Report

Courage offers compassion fellowship, and hope for those with same-sex attraction 
In January, the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut announced it was becoming the latest diocese to launch a chapter of Courage, the Catholic apostolate that helps men and women struggling with same-sex attraction live in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Deacon Robert Pallotti, director of the office of the diaconate for the archdiocese, helped develop the program for Hartford. He explained that Courage helps people “who need our care and love. In some cases, they have been rejected by society. They need to be accepted, affirmed, and supported as Roman Catholics trying to remain faithful to Church teaching.”
Courage was founded by Cardinal Terence Cooke, former archbishop of New York, and led for many years by Father John F. Harvey, OSFS. In 2010, Father Harvey died at age 92; the apostolate is currently led by Father Paul Check. There are more than 100 Courage chapters and contacts nationwide; there is also an outreach for spouses, relatives, and friends of persons with same-sex attraction called EnCourage.
Courage makes a distinction between homosexual attractions or feelings and the behavior of acting on those feelings. The feelings themselves are not sinful, the organization notes, but homosexual acts are. Deacon Pallotti continued, “Courage will not reduce a person’s identity to their sexual desire; [those with same-sex attraction] are people with full human dignity not defined solely by their sexual desire.” 
Some of the deacons of the archdiocese initially objected to the program because they mistakenly believed Courage condoned homosexual behavior, but were reassured it did not. Pallotti noted, “Through support and spiritual intervention, we can help people with same-sex attraction lead moral and fulfilling lives. These people are hurting and so are their families. Doing nothing would be a lack of compassion.” 
Read the entire article here: The Catholic World Report . Find out more about the apostolate here: Courage Philippines.


  1. so true. the love itself is not a crime but the desires and the other things behind it is the wrong one. =D

  2. this post makes me realize that love is not exclusive for the opposite sex. now, im matter loading with the idea that 'truly there are different kinds of love' :))


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