Monday, February 13, 2012

Never Abandoned

Your hands, my God, in the secrecy of your providence never abandoned my soul. 

Silently reading the remarkable life of St. Augustine in his infamous autobiographical work The Confessions, it was exactly those words that brought me a great amount of consolation. Tears of wonder, of gratitude, of an undying hope and joy in his salvation, streamed spontaneously down my cheeks. For truly, it is not the Lord who left me gasping for hope in my previous times of desolation; rather, it was me who forgot him and His constant love and protection. 

But He is truly faithful. In his love He rescued me from the captivity of my own self-destructing tendency. Seeing the wondrous deed that my Lord has done for me, I can truly say that my life has changed completely.


  1. he truly never abandons

    I Love God so much!


  2. maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa site ko. and, i agree. dahil kay God mejo di ako bitter sa v-day lol. hahahaha

    1. Sya ang ating ka-date sa Valentine's Day :)


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