Monday, December 3, 2007

Advent Sunday

"Happy New Year!!!"

It was Father Nong's opening greetings as he started his homily yesterday about the start of the Christmas Season. I could remember the puzzled look on every one's face as he said this. Some greeted him back "Merry Christmas" but he insisted that it was New Year.

The Advent is a holy season for the Christian church that marks the start of their new liturgical year. While it was commonly known as simply the start of the holiday seasons, the church marks it as the start of the holy period of expectant waiting and preparation for the nativity of Jesus Christ. In addition, the holy season also serves as a reminder for Christians today about the Second Coming of Jesus.

When we hear the word 'Christmas', the first things that usually come in our minds are pictures of festive and bright days of gift-giving, Christmas carols, bountiful meals during Noche Buena, colorful lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus. But come to think of it, does the picture of Christ, nailed and hanging up on a cross, a crown of thorns in his head and blood gushing all over his body, come to your mind when you hear the word 'Christmas'? I know it's too early to be talking about the mournful season of Semana Santa but my point is we should never forget the purpose why Our Almighty Father sent His son at the very first place.

Father Nong's main points about the season of Advent were summarized in a simple acronym he made especially for the homily yesterday. He said that we should:

* Always Anticipate for the coming of Jesus, not only during Christmas season but everyday in our lives;

* Dettach ourselves from the blinding offerings of the world. Remember that each and everyone of us were made to last forever and nothing but us, the children of God, are going to last in this world. Not our money, our computer, or any material precious to our hearts.

* Be Vigilant and always pay attention to everything that's happening around the world. We may never know but they could already be signs for the Second Coming. Signs that are too hazy for the blind and busy people of today.

* Evaluate our lives. And try to see those things that are ought to be changed.

* Change for the better and try to live our life in a New and straight way.

* Always pray and give Thanks to the Lord Almighty.

The homily was easier said than done. I guess we all know what that exactly mean. Character development takes a long time so we should always stay strong and faithful than ever.

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