Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Day

I notice it's been almost a week since my last post. I don't know. Maybe I just got tired from literally spending my whole day in front of the computer screen endlessly fidgeting mindless applications in Facebook or just freely surfing the Web; wasting precious time then go to bed feeling beat, guilty and useless for not accomplishing any purposeful activity. It’s just pointless.

Anyways, my high school circle and I went over the weekend to some military residential camp to spend the littlest amount of time we could be in each other’s company before classes in our respective universities start. Yeah, I know it’s an odd location for some resort to have a quality time together, but since we’re looking for a cheap place that is not so far from the city, we decided nonetheless to continue.

Above were just a few of the many photos I took in the short period of time we stayed inside the site. It’s incredible to imagine that you’re in a remote place because of the towering trees, abandoned buildings, and deserted roads we went through though we knew all along that on the other side of the high perimeter concrete fence that accompanied us all the way, was a national highway. We waited for about an hour before we could enter because of a private party reserved for military folks and their families until 5p.

In the end, I came home at exactly 10p while the rest of them spend the night in San Mateo, Rizal at one of our friend’s place after our gathering. Though a bit tired and hungry, I certainly had one of the most superb summer gatherings of my college life.

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