Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bitter Remarks on Dating

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After my recent date with a text mate I met in an online dating site, I don’t think I still consider myself to be officially in the dating scene on contraire to what I have stated before in my recent posts, since, aside from a few people I’ve met in person; it was technically the only date I’ve ever been to.

But judging from how everything went including the series of events that led to my first exclusive meet-up with a stranger, I have come up with a list – a bitter list that is - that you’d only probably hear from someone who is as gullible and ignorant as I am being a newbie in this field:

  • It has always been about your outward appearance. They’d say they go for your personality but most of them would probably ask for your Facebook profile first to see if they’re really into you. An inevitable deed no one tries to admit.
  • How one looks in a retouched picture-perfect primary profile photo is SO much different from how one looks in REAL life. People (including me) have developed personal techniques on angling their face away/toward the light source so as not to capture some of the most obvious facial blemishes.
  • Exchanging sweet nothings in text messages is not so much a sign that they are into you. Don’t get yourself overly excited and do not entangle yourself too much from a person that you only forced to believe you quite knew. So chill.
  • People will almost say anything just to get what they really wanted even going to the extent as pretending that they care but in reality, doesn’t.
  • In the dating scene, the motto is, ‘There’s a lot of a fish in the sea.’ Well, only those who are prepared to take in as much heartbreak from countless variety of underwater nemo’s will survive this setting.
  • Reveal as little or as subtle personal information as possible to protect you from future possible stalkers and fanatical psycho-lovers.
  • Online dating sites in our country have a nasty connotation for such places brimming with people who are craving for instant gratification (Oh yes, I could truly testify to that). People from these sites aren’t looking for real love rather they only crave for gullible persons who are easy enough to get in bed.

The weird thing is, kahit alam kong may mga kumag talaga out there na wala nang ibang inisip kundi makipaghook-up, naniniwala pa rin ako na deep inside eh mabubuti rin naman silang mga nilalang. Hindi ko alam kung dun ako sa pananaw na yun sumablay. Perhaps, it is the very reason why I keep holding on when everybody else seemed nonchalant in letting go.

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