Sunday, January 9, 2011

Becky University: Nowitzki Meets Theofratus and Superjaid

1.00AM. Just got home and am starting to feel a warm sensation slowly engulfing every bone and muscle of my body. Perhaps it was the XXX Cocktail Tower Theofratus Roussalier Aurelius, SuperJaid and I consumed as we sat in one corner at Padis Point Bar and Restaurant - Sky Garden SM North Edsa. It took long for the drink to take its effect on me proving how my body's becoming more tolerant at such beverages. The stenching smell of  lit cigarettes, the loud live band playing a mixed genre of pop, RnB and disco beat downstairs and the blinding LCD screen flashing commercials and movie trailers attached above SM Annex garnering much attention became our witnesses for this one very gracious night.

Padis Point - Sky Garden SM North Edsa.
SuperJaid and Theofratus Roussalier Aurelius :)

Theofratus was especially interesting in a way that we share a rather reserved personality (wari ko'y mapagnilay rin syang bata). I am glad to have met someone from my generation who grew up as well in the big QC, give a damn about books and writing as much as I do and with an odd predilection for all things Greek and mythological (Hehe. I was 10 when I started devouring every encyclopaedic article on Classical Greek mythology while making my own charts and family trees of divinities, heroes and monsters which I still keep to this day). It was fun as we started loosening our tied tongues sharing random musings about school, thesis, the city, and services (go tenors!) at our local parishes. Truly a worthy warm exchange I was craving for all night.

SuperJaid was super late (ahihi!) but nonetheless super warm and super inviting. The party hasn't even started when she came. With a spitting image of a close friend, I was the whole time wandering if she may have been a long lost twin sister of Jen. She was never awkward though we have only met and I loved how she shamefully lambasted Theo (which I suspect their way of exchanging terms of endearment) with a seasoned vocabulary that frankly blows my mind sending me guffawing all over the place.

(Update: Hindi rin nagpahuli si Theo sa pagpapakitang gilas! Mei talent syang out-of-this-world na pedeng pang-Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not. Imagine a giraffe sticking his tongue right up his nasal cavity. ahahah!)

Ito nga pala yung mga nilafang namin :)

XXX Cocktail Tower. Hindi ko na na-jot down yung mga drinks na kasama dito. Basta ang alam ko parang sa gummy bears yung colors niya :) I liked the blue one (middle) that tasted like bubble gum with a pinch of tequila/vodka/ewan.
Club Sandwich na may French Fries and mayo-ketchup na dip :)
Popping Mushrooms. Spicy mushroom with garlic. Masarap na pamulutan :)
5 sticks ng Home-style Barbecue na may vinegar condiment :)
Highlight of the night was how I felt being with them was synonymous to attending Becky University applying for a crash course subject on 'becky linguistics and other-worldly terminologies.' I learned quite a handful of 'em (many I've heard for the first time in my life) that will send my friend, Feisty Feline a.k.a. Lady G wanna-be begging for tender mercy! I mean where on earth will you ever find a civilization that uses the following terms? Ahaha. Only in the Philippines.

  • Potahkels! (used in a loving cursing manner. an instant personal favorite. hihi XD)
  • Lech! / Liche! (a variation of the more popular Letse! / Leche!)
  • Chor-chor (an addition to the wide array of sentence-enhancers slash word-replacers: Chorva, Chorvs, Chorvalu, Char, Charness, etc.)
  • Papalicious (synonymous to the stereotypically attractive and admirable genus of the male specimen)
  • Jabongga (ahm...)
  • Boset! (another term for Bwiset!)
  • At marami pang iba. (Juice koh. Sa sobrang dami ay nakalimutan ko na. hehe)

And yes, how can I ever forget the more explicit expressions of Theo's wordplay completely 'devoid' of any sexual entailments. *wink wink* Haha. Am not even sure I've the guts to write about them here that's why I highly recommend to my dear readers to watch out for Theofratus' blog entry on the subject.

Mga monsters sa kailaliman ng gabi XD
Gusto ko yung blurred effect. Ahaha. Parang sinadya lang :)
I was struggling at first to think of the right words to say but sooner when the liquor starts to kick in, I figured there really were no right words to think or say. It may be the last time I'm going to enjoy blogging before all my academic toxicity for this semester starts to butt in. Right then was the perfect time to unwind, hangout and savour in a couple glass of drinks with some good old bloggers. 

I am hoping it won't be our last :) Thank you again, Theo and Jaid, for satisfying my hunger for small intimate get-togethers :)


  1. nakalimutan mo ang aking talent, ehehe....

    sayang di mo nilagay ang aking mga vocabulary, ehehehe

    ansaya2 nung gabeng yan, nagenjoy me so much! :D

  2. Wow.. Becky University.. mag-aapply nga ako jan. Sure ako, dean ako agad.. hahahaha!!

    o cge, pahinga ka na. Toxic much ka eh.

  3. @Theo: ahehe. ay yung talent mu nga pala. sige. update ku yung post. ahehe. yung sa vocab... ahehe. hinde ko talaga carry eh...

    baka sa susunod na post. wahaha. kapag nakahugot nako ng strength :)

    @Nielz: ahehe. Dean!

  4. nice! marami pang bloggers dyan na willing makipagmeet sa kapwa bloggers. hehehehe

  5. Ang saya naman. It's always nice to make new friends di ba? At nadagdagan ang akong vocab.

  6. wow sarap ng food :) hinay hinay sa paginom mahirap malaseng hehehehe

    good to know yung ibang words like mga nabanggit mo like potahkels, liche, chor etc. hehehehe

  7. @cuenkie..demanding kang leche ka!kailangan mo pa talagang ipalagay yung talent mo?hmp!hehehe

    anyway..sabi ko na nga ba eh paguwi eh post kagad true blue blogger talaga hehehe anyway..super nagenjoy din ako ng gabing yun..kahit na sabit lang ako actually hehehe next time ulit ah?^^

    PS. ang haba talaga ng leeg ko!waaahh!hehehe di pwedeng magmodel hehehe

  8. @Sean: yup :) a fun fun night. hehe. marami pa yan actually. ahehe. lalo na yung mga nakakalokang expressions ni theo :)

    @hard2get: ahehe. sure. it's good to help widen everybody's horizons :)

  9. @Superjaid: ahehe. dahan-dahan lang kei theo. hehe. breathe... ahahaha.

    kokontra ako sa sinabi mo. hihi. in fairness, asset yang mahaba mong leeg. in fact, pede kang maging model dahil jan :)

  10. hi jaid, ahehehe
    mukhang enjoy tayo ah! good good!


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