Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Never Give Up

'In life, we know that giving up is a luxury very few can afford. It is too much to quit, too life-paralyzing to surrender. We all might be facing hard-hitting situations and our options are not many, but we also know that "throwing in the towel" is not an option, especially for those who believe in tomorrow, in hope, in Easter. Even when we are clueless about getting ourselves out of spiritual quagmire, we must keep on trying and not lose hope. In hope, we dream dreams; in hope, we find joy in faith. In hope, we do not give up.' Fr. Sisoy Cella, SVD


  1. wahaha ang lalim!di maarok ng isip ko to masakit sa bangs hehehe =)

  2. never giving up, giving up, never giving up! napakanta lang :D

  3. wow...nice one...

    kaya natin lahat basta have the faith and courage...

  4. precisely true! quitting will get you nowhere...unless drugs yan haha

  5. I agree 100%

    Dapat di talaga magive up... sa totoo lang kasi ibang tao pagnahihirapan na eh nagpapakamatay or nagdrudrugs.

    unless lang pag work yun eh pwede magquit pero kung tungkol sa buhay dpat lagi may fighting spirit and positive thinking

  6. @Kyle: hehe. salamat :)

    @Superjaid: shiyet. lika ipadoktor natin yung bangs mo :) ahaha!

    @Bino: ahehe :)

  7. @uno: tumpak :) hehe.

    @Ronster: drugs? whoaah! ahaha.

  8. huwaw nowitzki! amen to that!


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