Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Effect: Crush Profiles

(Ahaha. Anlakas ng loob mag-post ng kalandian kahit hapit na sa mga ginagawa sa skul. Grr.)

Valentine’s almost here I could almost smell the love in the air. We’re bound to write about love and relationships again. I’ve been trying to avoid this subject ever since due to my discretion but because of trending topics brought by the February effect; it would be seasonal to share a bit of mine. *drum rolls please* Introducing my versions of Aida, Lorna and Fe – the three Maria Claras that caught my cardiovascular organ (wapak! bwahaha!) One could never resist a date (given one-in-a-hundred chance) with one of these girls even for a chap who has just recently embraced singlehood. It would truly be phenomenal :)

Miss Feisty Feline
Miss Feisty Feline is a familiar resident name in this blog. She was the Lady G wannabe in that Photoscape post flashing her Cameron Diaz grin and she’s my high school MU slash love tandem I had a thing on for years (and counting!) My high school senior year revolved around exchanging love letters, e-mails, text messages and long phone calls with her. I shared something mutual and special for the first time back then I had a little overdose I became delusional on happily-ever-after. She broke my heart when she decided not to meet me halfway. But she came back just to make sure she puts back all the shattered pieces together. Today, she remains one of my closest kumare ever, a confidant and a true friend indeed. I still regard her as my ‘guardian angel’ and the girl sent from heaven above. But I guess we’re better off as best friends in the mean time.

Miss Brightside
Miss Brightside is that vibrant effervescent Korean-looking girl from school aka Ms. Sketchpad in my Torpe No More post. She is weird and eccentric in a good way – the exact qualities that made her so attractive in my eyes. We’ve been friends since sophomore year. She never made me feel kinikilig (giddy) but there was that level of comfort-ability wherein I could just walk right up at her courageously, say that I like her, receive an outright flabbergasted response and just laugh about it for the rest of the day. Her presence never fails to draw a smile on my face – something I look forward to everyday and I just love everything about her - her angelic voice, her bubbly smile and her cheeky unrestrained laughter. I would definitely love to know her on a more personal level.

Miss Musicale
Lastly is Miss Musicale, the long lost twin sister of the renowned celebrity Yeng Constantino. Frankly, I know little about her. In fact she just made this list last Saturday when we decided to meet-up and talk about her feasibility study I decided to help out. We ate dinner together (ayeee!) and I accompanied her on her way home and to the church. We first became acquainted in this charismatic community I attended for months and discovered that she’s in the same college course program and class with some of my friends from high school. What I love is how we always bump into each other inside the church, well, especially now that I’ve also started singing with the men’s choir her composed but groovy father leads. I still can’t quite shake the idea that the dinner we had last Saturday was a date (grr. am ever assuming talaga). We got to know each other more and truly I am looking forward to a start of a new friendship :)

Wish ko lang talaga. Hindi nila mabasa ito. Ahaha. Wish ko lang.


  1. yun oh... parang gusto ko sila maeet heheeh :D

  2. si aida, si lorna, or si fe?

    iba nga ang effect ng february month.hahahaha ayieee

  3. sino sa kanila pare.. mahirap pumili... pede sila na lang lahat hehehe... happy balentayms parekoy

  4. isa-isa lang... wahehhe share ka din... whahehe

  5. Advance happy V-Day

  6. Nyahahaha... oo nga naman..isa isa lang.. hahahah.. sana magkulay ang balentayms mo!! lol

  7. @kuya axl: ahaha. hinde! akin lang sila! ahahaha. bro pasenxia na talaga hinde ako nakasama sa photowalk :) bawi talaga me sa susunod :)

    @Kyle: ayeee!!!

    @Kikz: parehas tayu dun sa bessy na part. ayee? sinusungkit mu pa rin ba ang puso nia?

    @Arvin: happy V-day :)

    @Kamila: kaw din sis ;) isang makulay na v-day sayu :)

    @ISTAMBAY: happy balemtayms :) aga ata ng bati natin ah :)

  8. ay so posting time ng mga crushes ito??? hahaha


  9. cute cute cute! hehehe crush lang nmn db hehehe

  10. Gusto ko para sayo si miss brightside. kasi.. wala lang. iba talaga pag comfy ka sa tao eh. it would go a long way than those random kilig moments na sa simula lang naman nararamdaman. hahaha nag analyze? lol.

  11. @Theo: ay oo kuya :P in fact, sayu ko nakuha ang idea. ahaha. malandi lang :)

    @Sean: crush lang naman. ahaha. singlehood pa rin :)

    @Sir Nielz: really??? ahaha. natuwa naman ako sa comment mo sir :) hmmm. napaisip tuloy ako. analyze nga :) ahehe...

  12. da-moves ng blogger. nice. siyempre mafflatter sila pag nabasa nila to. =P

  13. hay pebrero na nga talaga. andami naman niyan!

  14. @Nishiboy: huwaw :) thanks for dropping by. aheheh. gugustuhin ko bayun? baka wala na meng mkuhang maiharap sa kanila. ahaha.

    @Sean: tatlo lang naman. tsaka kras lang naman eh :)

  15. ang gaganda naman nila. pati ung pagkakaedit ng photos ang galing :D

  16. @Bino: kuya bino of damuhan, kaw ba yahn? ahehe. sinadya kong kumuha ng pic na hinde sila masyadong makikilala. you know naman, habe to protect their identity :)


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