Friday, September 9, 2011

Creative Juice #033: Scribbles and Line Art

The last month of August was the month of the renowned Ilocos Heritage Tour in our college. It was said that you can never appreciate the beauty of Philippine Architecture without seeing for yourself some of the best well-preserved structures in the northern city of Vigan in Ilocos Norte. Truly it was one of the most memorable trips I've had so far in my life :) 

And that is exactly the theme of my creative juice feature for the day. I just remember I had hundreds of photos of that trip from last year. Photo-tweaking with Adobe Photoshop CS5 still remains one of my favorite past time (since last week). I was actually watching a video tutorial of how to turn your photo into a painting when I had a light bulb popped right above my head with one of the steps :) A lot of modifications and explorations later and I came with a final result that looked like a carefully scribbled monochrome art illustration - pretty much like the ones you'll see in the books of Architect George Salvan. I was hyped :)

A souvenir shop in Calle Crisologo
Commercial establishments in Metro Vigan.
The ubiquitous Calesa - a horse-drawn carriage :)
The 17th-century Sta. Monica Church in the town of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.


  1. bongga lang, namimiss ko na rin ang ilocos hehehe i've been there once, nd m still dreaming to have a tour there ulit hehe

  2. musta na bro? namiss ko kayu ni Super jaid. ahaha. graduate ka na ata eh :)


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